Welcome to Lenalidomide REMS

Important information about Lenalidomide and Lenalidomide Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS)

  • Lenalidomide is contraindicated in pregnant females and females capable of becoming pregnant. Females of reproductive potential may be treated with lenalidomide provided adequate precautions are taken to avoid pregnancy
  • To avoid embryo-fetal exposure, lenalidomide is only available under a restricted distribution program called “Lenalidomide REMS”
  • Only prescribers and pharmacies certified by Lenalidomide REMS can prescribe and dispense lenalidomide to patients who are enrolled and meet all the conditions of Lenalidomide REMS

The goals of the lenalidomide risk evaluation and mitigation strategy are as follows:

  1. To prevent the risk of embryo-fetal exposure to lenalidomide
  2. To inform prescribers, patients, and pharmacists of the serious risks and safe-use conditions for lenalidomide

For additional information about Lenalidomide REMS, please call 1-888-423-5436